5 Diverse Careers for Registered Nurses

Bright lights at the end the hospital corridor.The demand for nurses in the USA is increasing every year. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1.2 million vacancies will emerge for registered nurses from 2014 to 2022. However, the demand isn’t completely from hospitals as a large percentage comes from varying sectors as well. Here are five nursing jobs outside the hospital.

Clinical Analyst

Nurses who are talented in researching, writing, and public speaking can work as clinical analysts. Being a clinical analyst is less hectic than being a hospital nurse since the job primarily entails data evaluation and research technology. Clinical analysts help hospitals determine the best approach to acquiring technology or services.

Legal Nurse Consultant

Are you a registered nurse interested in law? Then, you might as well become a legal nurse consultant. Nurse consultants typically work in law offices, helping attorneys obtain and analyze medical records associated with a claim. They can also work for patient care centers and health insurance companies.

Medical Sales Representative

Who would have thought that nurses can become salespeople as well? Medical sales representatives enjoy flexible working schedules as they are typically on the field, selling medical equipment to hospitals and other healthcare organizations.

Healthcare Educator

Healthcare educators assist individuals and communities as they promote wellness and teach about behaviors. They research and analyze data which they can use in planning, implementing, and monitoring programs meant for better lifestyles. Healthcare educators can work for non-profit organizations, government sectors, and doctor offices.

Nurse Recruiter

Nurse recruiters are like human resource associates except that they focus on nurses. They look for potential nurses in job fairs and interview candidates for the position. Registered nurses are ideal nurse recruiters since they already know the needs and details of the job they are recruiting for.

The nursing industry is one of the most passionate and diverse, considering the time and effort they give not only to patients but businesses as well. Take advantage of your nursing career by finding a job that suits you best.