Performance Factors to Consider in Aluminium Shade Screens

Solar panels on a rooftop Did you know that solar screens are among the most efficient and most effective window treatments you can get for your home? Solar screens, especially aluminium shade screens, stop heat transfer through doors and windows to lower your energy utility bills. What’s more is it doesn’t compromise on your home’s design nor hinder your attempts to enhance your kerb appeal.

Before installing this remarkable window treatment, however, there are things you need to know:

The Solar Screen Colour You Should Go For

Solar screens come in different colours so architects, interior designers, and homeowners alike can choose what best meets their specific needs. But, this is only a general look into things. A good word of advice is to remember that darker shades are the most efficient in terms of performance since the primary role of sunscreens is to filter unwanted sunlight while still allowing some view.

Which Doors or Windows to Install the Solar Screen

Some companies that deal with solar screens might’ve advised you to install solar screens on all windows and doors, but that can be a little bit misleading. The recommended order of installing solar screens is:

  • First, cover all windows that face both the east and west directions.
  • Second, cover the windows that face southwards.
  • Third, avoid covering north-facing windows or doors since the passive solar heating process on these windows takes a long time.

There is, however, an exception to this case: Cover the windows that face north if they receive a high reflective glare off of other structures.

Solar screens are a popular addition to any home. All you need is to make sure that it won’t go out of place once installed. Choose the right colour and install it at the right places to see good results.